HotelHub Agent Booking Tool

HotelHub Agent Booking Tool

Everything a TMC needs in a single hotel booking platform

HotelHub Agent Booking Tool

Everything a TMC needs in a single hotel booking platform

Our intuitive hotel booking tool combines multiple supplier rates across GDS and non-GDS, streamlining booking workflows to give TMC agents greater choice and improve productivity.


Our interactive dashboards bring total visibility to bookings, revenues, team, and individual user performance.

Key Features

  • Personalised hotel list featuring the most relevant options
  • Integrates with GDS terminals to complete bookings in under 10 seconds
  • Bookings automatically added to PNRs, with back-office and itinerary comments if required
  • Curates client travel policy, supplier, and payment preferencing & prioritisation
  • Normalises availability and rates for easy comparison
  • Multilingual user interface
  • Consistently formatted content and automated normalisation
  • Traveller feedback across multiple criteria including service, value, and cleanliness

Key Benefits

  • Consolidates GDS and non-GDS room & rate options
  • Integrates TMC & corporate preferred programme content
  • Advanced automation cuts booking times in half
  • Optimises TMC revenues by retaining all incentives & commissions
  • Fully integrated with agent GDS terminals for PNR integration
  • GDS integration boosts hotel attachment
  • Generate and enhance supplier revenues
  • Enhance client value proposition

HotelHub's Agency Booking Tool - What You Need to Know

Access to GDS and non GDS content on a single platform

Retain all GDS and non-GDS agency incentives and commissions

TMC and Corporate preferred rates and preferences in one place

Seamless integration with any GDS terminal and the agent point-of-sale, enables bookings with agency PNRs

Scalable to virtual payment providers and Mid-office/Back-office system integrations

Intuitive reporting module for agencies and corporates for KPI and proposition management

Easy to use workflow including a complete workflow for managing offline bookings